About me

After graduating in a BA (Hons) in Fine Art: Painting in 2008, I soon found myself becoming drawn to black ink and working on a smaller scale, and within a couple of years I had evolved into being an illustrative artist. Over the last few years I feel I have really found my style, and realised the sort of subject matter and mark making that is really what I'm all about.

To name a few subjects, I enjoy wildlife, nature, death, love and anatomy when coming up with an idea for a drawing. A lot of people describe my work as being like 'tattoo flash'; strong, symbolic images that could work on skin as a tattoo due to the defined line making I use.

When I draw, I just think of an idea and pick up my pens, seeing drawing as an expression from within. I never drew in the hope to sell my work, it was all an expressive hobby. For me the process of intricate mark making is also very therapeutic. Much to my appreciation, people responded very positively to my work once I started to share it and I now regularly sell prints of my drawings as well as other merchandise in the Artist Open Houses in Brighton and at various art fairs. I am also open to doing commissions for people, and have drawn pet portraits, drawn hundreds of thumbnails for a companies website, and regularly do poster designs for people where I can adapt my technique and subject matter for people whilst still being true to my style. I have always worked a separate job full time. For me, being an artist is something I work hard at in my spare time.

Aswell as drawing, I also do linocutting which I am still exploring but have definitely taken to naturally. I have developed all sorts of other merchandise aswell as digital prints of my drawings too; including handmade paper screenprints, coasters, cards, badges and tote bags. More recently I brought out a line of hand screen printed T-shirts with reproductions of four of my drawings that I thought would look good on clothing. Watch this space for more creations and merchandise and don't hesitate to get in touch. Thanks for looking!

photograpgh of georgia flowers